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I have always wondered how do people respond with their details of business immediately after i send them message! One of my friend has 80 whatsapp group with members interested in business. And he sends messages daily to each and every group!

I did not know how they did it until i joined *_WHATSAPP GENIUS_ , a 12 days training on Whatsapp by GENIUS TRAINERS*  Now I know how to shedule replies and also to send messages with pre determined shedules.

You know what! This is just the tip of the ice berg! There are bundles of costly software given along with this to make you a professional whatsapp marketer. 

GT gives you hand-holding support that your minute doubts are attended. Even a common person with no technical knowledge can be an expert by seeing the instruction videos GT provides.

I am much exited to try the tricks i have learned😄. I feel uplifted😎 and am able to astonish my friends with tricks and tips on whatsapp!😉

Thank you very much *Genius Trainers* team, more than words can say!!❤️🌹

 Riyaz Dubai

Business man

Its great to attend zubin’s session on whatApp. Have been using WA since the time of launch but frankly speaking was not aware of the software which is being used. Now after doing this course. I feel confident and see I have already started to use it for one of my professional grp. Happy to share with you all that the combination of Bulk sender with autobot is amazing. 😊 Thanks once again zubin and the whole team for doing the hand holding.. 🙏Regards, 

Vijay Agrawal, Pune


Program is excellent and very motivating.mind started running like computer in this pandemic it was stopped and now running like it’s been rebooted ..enjoyed working with you learn something which I was not aware ,it has given new understanding of new technology where left few years back .and I’m finding new come back for me.🙏thank you so much for all your support and cooperation,because in the middle I found myself a novice .But today I hv gain some confidence in myself.



Rupal panchamia

Trainer and Healer

Dear Zubin, first of all thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me in this beautiful Training session. Because of this Training today I’m able to approach lot of people in what’s app and that too without my intervention which is a great time saver. Also the bulk whatsapp messaging option  helps a ton times in reaching maximum people…. These kind of trainings are actually a blessings for entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. God bless u and your family Zubin for creating such an useful trainings and creating an impact. Good luck



Balaji Shankaran


 I have done many courses with Zubin and his team. I have done all the programs they offer and I must say I am their Happy and Satisfied Customer.  They provide Simple, easy and practical methods which helps  us in making our life better.Recently I did a course with them on Whatsapp automation and I must say it was worth every penny. . Zubin is always available for Support and it makes their Courses more exciting and amazing.If you want to learn Technical Skills or Life Skills the “Genius Trainers” Is my strongest Recognition. Thank You Thank You Thank You Zubin and  Dr.Sheba for all the efforts in making the courses  and helping us for  better. My best of the wishes to GT.

Sandeep Mukhergee

Happiness Coach and Spiritual Healer

WhatsApp Genius is a course which should be done by everyone who is using the WhatsApp for his business or professional services. Mr Zubin”s videos are very easy to understand. He teaches everything step by step. I thank him and his team for the great service they are giving us. Thanks a lot once again

Vidyut Jatia


I attended Earlier session and repeated this course . Due to our month end due dates though I am unable to complete everything as it is our audit season. but in this second version I Saw too many changes which gave me to work with ease Which I was facing.This programs is  also Awesome As always 

Girish Maru Mumbai

Financial Consultant & Trainer

Whatsapp Genius Is A Wonderful Training Program .Its Very Useful For Every One Because By Using The Tricks And Apps Given To To Us By Genius Trainers Saves Too Much Of Time And Our Work .

Scheduled Messages For Next 5 Days …..Thank You Genius Trainers ….It Saves My Time And I Can Be  More Productive 😍😍😍😍 Every Messages Is To More Than 100 People’s That Was A Hectic Work For Me Now It’s Simple 

Rugesh Kerala

Trainer and Coach

Whatsapp automation training is really a need of an hour training for every individual in digital business platform .I really thanks to entire genius training team for conducting such a innovative kind of training which is very useful and value is much more than what we pay. 

Once again thanks to entire team.


Rajesh Ranchi


The whatsapp course conducted by Genius Trainers  is so well articulated. All the videos are so easy to follow and self explanatory.   The course is a real value for money.  

I would recommend this course to everyone. 

Thanks Zubin and his whole team for being so helpful and prompt in solving all our queries. 



Ssanket Jayant Popat Mumbai

Trainer and Healer

Mr Zubin and his team members are such wonderful knowledge sharers and the plus point is that they never delayed any response to our queries…  I have been their student for almost three years now, Mr Zubin, my Guru in various topics…. Thank you Mr Zubin for all the knowledge sharing



Ganesh Chennai 


This 12 day program is really a beautiful thing that helps me lots in my business as I am not a technical person but with the help of this program I came to know about so many new things and this is really help in growing my business. I am really thankful to you for giving such a very useful information through this program.


Jalpa Shah


The program has been a wonderful program on learning watsapp  features & associated tools in a very organized manner & not scattered method which we do by own learning methods on YouTube. It has given our business extra edge over competitors & more powerful knowledge & tools to take our endeavor to the next level. Thanks team !


Ashwarya Sharma Explorers 


As entrepreneurs first thing we face is ‘How to do marketing?’, ‘How to reach people?’ and as new entrepreneurs we always find messaging a easy way to approach people. Although it sound very easy it’s not as simple as it sounds. Everyone us go through a self learning course which takes months if not years to master it. *Genius trainers* do a great job making it easy in very simple, detailed rather meticulously designed course of 12days. I really enjoyed the program and found it very useful. 



Sharanya Eshwaran


True to the branding, the trainers and the training was aptly designed, sequentially planned, meticulously delivered and practically empowering me as the learner of this much wanted skill. Great job and hearty thanks to the Trainers (should I call them passionate Mentors). I am sure everyone would feel the same experience. This learning experience will certainly take me to a very high level in the days to come. Saying “Thank you” is more a customary acknowledgement to what I got from here. Pranaams to the trainers who made me learn what I should learn and practice. God bless them with more and more training years so that many like me will be benefited. Thanks again, 



Krishna Kumar


I have more than 12500 whatsapp contacts in my phone and I always wondered how to reach out to them. I understand the whatsapp is the medium for my business. I contacted many techies as how can I take my business to this platform but no one could help me. Thanks to Genius Trainers , I have found a way to fulfill that need. The training was very well designed and executed that even a non technical person can learn. Keep it up, Sir,


Sarvajit singh


Thank you for providing this wonderful training. I have past experience of getting blocked whatsapp number. I had purchased a bulk whatsap sending software, But not worked properly. But now I have more clarity. By proper practice now I can use whatsap more effectively. The most beautiful thing I cherish is the script of sending a message to an unknown whatsapp contact.

Thank you so much Zubin

Thank you Genius Trainers



Iqbal Veliankode

Early Childhood Consultant

No words to express this program, So w impressed with the way the training are conducted and made it so easy for students to implement 👍

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5 star to the entire team . it was made so easy to understand and implement and with all the goodies. Yet affordable. Do keep me always in your upcoming programs updates




Karen Fernandes

Digital Marketing Expert

Whatsapp genius is a very well planned training program. Zubin, with his inimitable style and tremendous patience took us through the various topics in a step by step manner making it easy to understand and apply.
Really appreciate the hand holding and simple explanation making it easy even for a layman to understand.
Thank you Zubin, you are contributing to making lives of many of us easier.



Arvind Khinvesra

Author Trainer

Genius trainers training are always awesome. They always update themselves and helps us to update us through their trainings at very low cost. They make the small size videos for each step and help us to learn easily. 

Thank you very much to Zubin Sir, Sheeba Madam, Aarti Madam for their patience dedication and consistency in providing more and more valuable trainings to us. 

Thank you very much



Santhosh Kumar K


I repeated all the sessions again, it is very useful for me and my new business to engage customers. Thank you to the team Genius Trainer for making the concepts in capsule forms and providing tool’s.



Prof Krishna Dubey


It has been a great learning experience and very practical one. The program was very well designed and organised. ..if we have to refer to any doubt…all we have to do is go back and watch the video once again.🙂.. thank you team



Kalyan Vysag

JCI Trainer

GTT team always rocks..stepwise teaching makes this concept very easy.. Initially I felt it’s not my cup of tea but when I followed the instructions stepwise with practical application it became much simpler. Thank you so much Arathi, Sheba and Subin for wonderful teaching🙏😊


Asmita Bhaga


It was excellent and very useful what’s app Training as always.Thank you so much Genius Trainers Team for your outstanding and remarkable work.I didn’t aware about these effective tools earlier as I am knowing it now I will surely use it in my training work surely.



Bhavik Nadiyad



Thank you Genius Trainers for this excellent program. I have attended many other trainings earlier and this is also one of the best that I participated. Although I was unable to keep myself updated and go along with the regular flow during the last 6 days but I promise that I shall complete all the pending tasks within next few days and update accordingly. 
I am 100% satisfied with all the contents provided. I always look forward to new opportunities that you unfold through your training that gives us tremendous satisfaction and confidence to attain new aspects 
Thank you Subin Sir, Aarathi Ma’am and Sheba Ma’am.


Asra Mirza Amravati


This is my second experience with genius trainers. My first course is Swadhyaya. It was really an amazing program. With in the duration of one month my mind set, thought, attitudes and vision are changed astonishingly by genius trainer’s classes on law of attraction. 
 Actually I am planning to start an e commerce business. On the very right time law of attraction brought  this course to me. I am sure this course would be very help full to accomplish my dream.
Thank you Subin sir, Sheba madam and all others.😍😍🙏🙏
Thank you very much Genius Trainers once again for this excellent program. 



Biju C Pariyaram


I am 100% satisfied with the program content and also the way the whole Genius Trainers Team help the participants in clearing the doubts individually.
Your step-by-step training gives us tremendous satisfaction.
Thank you very much for your constant support Subin Sir, Sheba Ma’am and Aarathi Ma’am. 😊🙏



Bhavana Paul


I have found this course *worth ten times every rupee* I have paid for it. 
More than the course content, which may be available in some self-learning videos, I have found *extraordinary personal coaching and finger holding* that is making it such powerful.
The weakest student is not left behind. The only qualification the course demands is the *willingness to ask questions and seek help*.
*Hats off Zubin, Sheeba and others*.
Hope you are also feeling similar.
Note: I did another course with these visionaries *Transform Your Life.* This course really transformed my reading and writing habits and gave me many fresh insights into life.

nagaRAJU Hyderabad

Teacher and Trainer

I attended the first version of this course which was sufficient, but in this second version I see a lot of improvement based in issues faced by a few of us and also by addition of quite a bit of new components which are quite helpful. Awesome 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. Keep up the good work.


Om Prakash


Thank Zubin and team genius for conducting a wonderful workshop . We have gain good knowledge how to use whatsapp for promotion and business . I need to understand more so I will watch videos again to practice what I am learning . It is totally useful and practical workshop .
Hand holding is the best I like in genius trainings .


Dr. Aanand


I am Arcchana alle, Tarot card reader and spiritual healer from Hyderabad*🙏🙏😊
I can learn anything fast, except technology. So this course seemed tough   for me before joining. But with Zubin, and his what’s app Genius program I felt the videos are simple to understand, and can be easily followed and the best part is the mentor support is there even after course is over. I may I have to revise the course two three times to Master  it as I am completely a non techie person. I really liked the simple step by step instructions given and also the way it is taught where I can always go back and check ,if I miss anything. Worth every penny paid. This has saved lot of my time, as I didn’t have any idea which apps would serve my purpose. Thank you Zubin and What’s app Genius, I would highly recommend it to all. 



Arcchana alle 

Tarot Reader

Excellent Work out on this course. . Really worth for the cost of course,  Learn’d more things about whatsapp promotions and whatsapp marketing , Auto reply was very useful,  i missed two to three class but video supports me to do rework again.  Good module of the program,  sure i will refer my friends 👍 thank you 


Ashok Kumar Coimbatore


WhatsApp genius is an amazing course. I was surprised after your training that WhatsApp promotions and advertisements are so easy by using WhatsApp genius course. thank you so much for a wonderful course🙏🏻


Neeru Tyagi


Thank you GENIUS Team Excellent Training.

Your lessons covered everything from basics to detailing it in a very clear manner. I had the opportunity to learn many new things along with revising some lessons learnt before.i wish to receive your future training as we’ll. wish you all the best to the all team 👍


Muhammed Azharudheen Calicut


 Thank you very much Whatsapp Genius Trainer for your informative training. Through this course we have learned how to automate whatsapp and to use it wisely to effective business marketing.  I will be surely interested to take up more training through your company.  Training videos were short and systematic to explain all technics of whatsapp automation. I can give Five Star ratting / recommendation to your this training. It’s value for money and must for all who wants to automate their marketing.👏


 Mustafa UAE


 Training was so informative and focussed on the offered topic. All related topics been explained well as expected. I expect to receive support for some more duration on this group for those are behind schedule like me. In order to improve quality I suggest avoid or change background music on Zubin sir’s (initially posted videos) videos. Some videos had no music but there was noise in background eventhogh presentation serve the purpose well. Overall training was very useful for those are in business with plenty of practical applications. 

Thank you Zubin Sir,  Sheeba Mam and Team


Thomas kal UAE


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