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Why Join Lead Automation?

What is Lead Automation?

Lead Automation is the most economical and simplest way to generate quality leads.

These days, most of the Trainings are online. There are many people who require your knowledge through trainings.

But How will you identify them?

Lead automation is the simplest and the most economical solution to this challenge.

Lead automation Training by GeniusTrainers will show a sure-fire way to create quality leads related to your expertise.

Let’s Help you Develop a Winning
Lead Automation Process for Your Training

Participants Speak...

I don't know how my life would have been, if I had not done Zubin's program. I am a regular customer of Zubin and purchased all his courses except the website creation one, since I already have a website. Zubin is amazing in his work. With his technical quotient abilities he makes your life so simple and so easy, that it cannot be expressed in words. I have learned watsapp automation from him and it's one of the best course from genius trainers. I am an ardent fan of GT and I would recommend GT to all of without even an iota of doubt. Don't think twice, just go for his trainings. Btw, I am also an Self Published author and it could not have been without Zubin's training.
I am grateful that I came across Zubin's GT training and it just saved my time and made my life stress free.
Thank You Thank You Thank You .
Sandeep Mukherjee
Helaer & Trainer

Your Opportunity to Generate Zero cost Leads

Lead Automation
for Trainers

3 Day WhatsApp Training
  • No Live Sessions
  • Made For Trainers
  • Affordable Free
  • Support Groups
  • Surprise Bonus
  • No hidden Cost
  • Made for Techno Novice

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Our trainings are meant for non-technical people. If you are a technical person, then you may not require our training.


Regular fee is Rs 999/

But for the initial joiners it is only Rs 99/. 

You can join when the offer is available on our website

In this training free options of some tools are used, so there is no additional expense.

Click join now option in this page or click the below link and do the payment


Yes, anybody can attend this training. But this will be more useful for trainers, coaches, healers, networkers, counsellors, teachers, psychologists, small business owners, etc.


We will train you on the process of automating Lead Generation. Once you under go lead automation training, you will be able to generate leads suitable for you. We are not providing any ready-to-use database or leads.


If you can afford click-funnel, then you don’t need to undergo our training. Many people cannot afford services like click funnel etc and our training is for them.


It is always better to do the tasks on a computer. Though you can do on mobile, we recommend using a computer.

GeniusTrainers conducts this program; One of the best online trainers in India. They have many other technical and non-technical trainings.

Yes this training has a support system too. Support will be available through exclusive support on all three training days.

Not needed. We conduct training on an exclusive WhatsApp group; you need to go through the tutorial videos once we posted it. You can do this at your convenient time . We recommend doing tasks within 24 hours.

15 to 30 minutes a day is the maximum you need.


This 3 day training is conducted over WhatsApp. You will be given simple tasks in these three days.
As you complete these, your own lead automation process will be ready.

With our professionally crafted and systematic  training you can generate unlimited quality leads.   

This revolutionary training will help you take your business to the next level. 

Learn the easiest way of Lead Form Creation, Lead magnet Preparation and Automation. 

Our proven strategy works for everyone because the goal is the same; to get you more traffic, leads, and sales!

You Can Use This Process To Create Unlimited Leads Of Your Choice

Participants Speak...

One of the main problems I faced and I feel many other aspiring online entrepreneurs and enthusiasts face is the technical know how. Every now and then we get so overwhelmed with the limitations of lack of proper guidance regarding this. Having attended numerous training and workshops, I felt the training by GeniusTrainers is the most genuine and personal experience. I have attended a few training events before and will continue to do so. This training on Automation gave a lot of key insights to me and also made me understand the complex technical aspects In a simplistic manner.
Thank you Zubin
Corporate Trainer, Hyderabad
Once the steps are known it is a CAKE WALK. Immense gratitude to Zubin Trainers as usual - there is NO ONE on HNH like your TEAM that does such an amazing job on Whatsapp LEARNING - like you do!!!!

Super interesting, very effective and most importantly for the senior citizens an amazing learning. .I feel like I have achieved!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to you, your team and to The Beautiful Universe!!! 💃🏻 (I feel like a child- super happy)
Rubina Ali Khan
CEO, Hi Fi Networks

Lead Automation will help you reach a more targeted audience, engage and connect with them more intimately and finally, convert them into customers!

Who Can Benefit From lead Automation?

Participants Speak...

I thoroughly enjoyed the Lead Automation training program conducted by Genius Trainers. Zubin and his team have structured and formulated the training in such a beautiful, step by step and simple manner that lead automation which is a seemingly complex task becomes easy to set up, even for people without a technical background !!
I'm sure that this will help a large number of people (especially individuals who are trainers, healers, coaches, marketers etc.) who do not have a technical background, to set up and capture leads easily for their programs - without having to depend on someone else!!
Thank you so much for devising this program !
Consultant, Mumbai
It is with a great pleasure that I write to you about my experience with your 3 Day WhatsApp training on email automation.
It could not be any better to grasp this wonderful tool so easily in three days. It has been over a year in pandemic and throughout the last year there were many many trainings attended on the subject Digital Marketing and Automation but none could deliver this fantastic tool in such a simple and effective way.
I look forward to seeing more simplified tools on lead response automations and management in future.
WaterWorld , Pune

Can I Benefit If ....

. . . I am not Tech-savvy?

If You Know How to use WhatsApp and has the willingness to learn; then you can benefit from the Lead Automation Training

Participants Speak...

Though it's one more learning from Genius Trainers, it's certainly NOT a yet another training.
Unique in approach, simple in process, almost a child-easy access mode, above all a passionate and loving mentoring by Zubin, this Lead Automation program is like the Kohinoor diamond on the training crown currently on me.
Thank you so much.
Krishna Kumar
Trainer & Consultant
Simply put, its incredibly easy! Just watch the videos and do-along and before you know what, you have set up and automated the entire process.
The workshop is precise & crisp. Plus - no hidden costs!! You only pay for the workshop - nothing extra for any tools or etc. Can you believe that?
This is not my first workshop with Genius Trainers. And it certainly won't be the last. And I cannot say enough about how fantastic their workshops are. Structured, easy to do, and value for money. Plus they give their 100%.
I am very happy to recommend Genius Trainers to my network.
fragrant kitchen, Bangalore

Figures Don’t Lie;

There are over 3 billion social media
users around the globe today...

And about 2 billion of this number are active on a daily basis with over 1 million new users signing up on major platforms every single day.

Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly users

Instagram with over 1 billion monthly users

WhatsApp has over 2 billion users

Participants Speak...

Thanks so much for the easy step by step lead automation class. You have given us an idea into infinite possibilities on how we can use this simple steps to pull people closer. It definitely will be very useful for me in my life . I have paid lots of money to upgrade myself. But this is the happiest
God bless .
Dr Damera Vijayalakshmi
Counsellor & Trainer

Why Choose GeniusTrainers?

We, The GeniusTrainers  are the BEST  in knowledge sharing domain. Our Trainings are perfectly guided with short tutorial videos and real time support groups. Our trainers will help you overcome any challenge you face during the training period. All our trainings are meant for non-technical people, hence very easy to follow even for the novices.

With our Lead automation training , you get to:

Increase Your Targeted Traffic

Increase Your Conversions

Raise Your Brand Awareness

The bigger leads you have , The easier it will be for you to achieve every other marketing goal on your list!

You get the rare advantage of having a team of seasoned and experienced trainers doing the hard lifting for you

. . . with the only goal to help you reach your goals.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Get a spot on our participant list as we only work with a handful at a time, so as to deliver maximum results

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