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Ir/rational Me

 By Nisha

It was a sudden decision to join this programme. When I enquired about this I was hoping to try this sometimes in the future. But it happened too soon than I imagined.

I was ambitious about writing but had no knowledge about the process of publishing.

 I have to say, irrespective of the simplicity of content my  first book,( smiling while using the term *my first book* ) gives a very good feeling and motivation to do more.

Now I learnt the process, I can repeat this anytime I want.

Woww... That is the most exciting part.

Thank you subin chettan for this wonderful initiative. You are a great mentor. 🥰❤️❤️🥰


Think Like Piegons

 By Yohann Thakur

Thank you Zubin sir for making dream of becoming an author into reality.  Training steps were perfect as your other training modules .

Holding in my hands my published book is such a great feeling. Indeed everyone can make their dream come true. For everyone I would like to say that best source of reliable training if anyone is desiring, then Zubin Genius Trainers is the first and best option , as his dedication into the subject gives you 100% results with smooth journey on new roads of success.


The Art of Personal Grooming

By Bramara Shivanna

I would like to thank Zubin Genius trainers for helping me to publish my first book *"The Art of Personal Grooming"* in both print and kindle publishing.  It is like a dream come true,  me becoming an Author. Once impossible dream came true because of the     *"Be an Author"* course conducted by zubin. His course videos are very simple to understand and implement. Videos are very informative and anybody can understand and implement easily. He answerd all our questions and he motivated us daily to complete the day to day task. 

He helped us in every step of this journey of becoming an author. Before joining zubin's Course, I attended atleast 4  courses to learn to publish my book but unsuccessful. Finally I could  achieve my goal of writing the book. Thank you zubin and team from the bottom of my heart. Universe give you more and more power to help more people to become author.