Avatar Genius Tutorial (English)


Simple English

Course Difficulty



Computer with Internet connection, Basic Knowledge in the use of computer


Through WhatsApp Group (Link Provided to Your Registered mail Id)

This Training was initially designed for conducting through WhatsApp. So in some lessons you may feel this. Kindly bear with that.

How To Get Most Out Of This Training?

This training is designed for non-technical people. So we start from the very basic. If you are already familiar with the video editing techniques, then you can directly explore the software without watching tutorial videos given here. We have also created a WhatsApp group for clearing your doubts. Link to the group is also given in the initial steps. You can join the group if you need any support in the making of avatar videos.

If You are Not familiar with video editing please do not skip Any step mentioned here. 


Take Time and Learn.


Explore Explore & Explore. Try to Solve the challenges without anyones help first. Even after repeated attempts you couldn’t find solution ask in support group.


Initial Steps

Step 1 Fill Google Form

If you have landed on this page without filling the required google form then please fill it by clicking the following link. While filling the form please remember to provide the same phone number and email id which you used for the payment. We will be verifying those details before issuing the license. Normally license will be issued within 48 hours. While filling the form remember to double check the email you typed in Google form for any typo errors. If you make errors while typing, license will be given in  that name and cannot be changed later.

Link to access google form (Fill only if you have not filled before)

Step 2 Join The WhatsApp Support Group

If you have not yet joined the WhatsApp support group then click the link below to join.

Link to Join Support WhatsApp Group

Step 3 Download Supporting Files

We are providing some additional files to make your learning journey easier. Please download this folder and unzip it and keep it in your computer for later use.

Link to Download the additional files. You Can Download from Onedrive or from Google drive

Explanatory Video Of Above Steps

If You Need Help With Above Steps Please Watch The Video Given Below

Once You have completed the above steps Click the below button to access the tutorials